SEAware™ is available at special prices for non-commercial, academic use. These licenses have the following restrictions, highlighted in green where they differ from the Commercial license terms. These are excerpted from the End User License Agreement.

It is important to note that Qualified Academic institutions may purchase Academic or Commercial versions, or a combination depending on the needs of the institution. They may also convert a license originally purchased as Academic to a Commercial License (or convert and extend) .

2. License Grant.

  (a) Subject to the payment by LICENSEE of any relevant charges or fees in respect of the SOFTWARE license and LICENSEE’S compliance with this EULA, SEACHANGE grants LICENSEE a non-exclusive, non-transferable license (without the right to sublicense) to (i) download and use the SOFTWARE (in object code format) for its own internal information purposes and to (ii) use, for any purpose, PREDICTIONS generated by the SOFTWARE provided, that those PREDICTIONS are not sold or disseminated to third parties.

  (b) Unless otherwise agreed to by both parties, each SEACHANGE License grants the right to use the SOFTWARE on a single machine instance (one ‘seat’), whether physical or virtual.

  (c) Academic Version licenses (i) shall not be used in, or for commercial drug development. SeaChange expressly prohibits the use of Academic licenses to identify and develop commercial therapies. Academic Version licenses may be converted to Commercial Licenses at any time according to the then-current program and pricing outlined at (ii) are specifically prohibited from the publication of large sets of data, wherein large is define by more than fifty compounds by any organization. This prohibition can be discussed, and at the sole discretion of SEACHANGE, may be partially modified in cases of special need such as benchmarking studies.

13. You affirm and warrant that, due to the difficulty of assessing the real revenue loss to SEACHANGE resulting from a breach of any or all of the terms of Section 2 parts a, b, c, or d, or any or all of Section 6, YOU agree to forfeit any revenues received from such breach and agree to be subject to any penalties that may be assessed for breach by a court of law. Academic License users specifically waive rights to sovereign immunity or other protections for the purposes of assessing commercial damages and real or potential revenue loss under this section 13.