Qualified Academic Institutions who purchase any version of SEAware™ may now convert their current license to the equivalent Commercial license.

Simply contact SeaChange at sales@seachangepharma.com to receive a quote for license conversion. This quote will be valid through the end of the current license term, regardless of whether or when the conversion order is placed. Upon payment of the applicable fee, SeaChange will issue a replacement license.

Extending and converting at the same time

It is possible to extend the term of your license at the same time as converting it to Commercial version. However, the license being converted must be the same product (e.g. Primary Academic converts to Primary Commercial only). Converted licenses must have the same or longer term as the original license.

Note: Monthly licenses are not eligible for conversion: they should be replaced after expiration with the required new license.

How SeaChange determines the conversion/extension fee

The fee is calculated as follows:

  1. Determine the number of days remaining in the current license
  2. Determine the new end-date of the converted license and calculate days extended
  3. Using the then-current Commercial license pricing, determine the fee for the new license
  4. Apply the fee already paid as a credit to the new purchase based on the days unelapsed on the original license
  5. Final price = New fee due minus Credit

An example

Hypothetical University (HU) purchases SeaWare Designer, Academic version, Annual License on May 1st, 2014. HU pays $11,900 for the term. That license would expire, of course on April 30th, 2015.

On July 1st, 2014, Hypothetical University contacts SeaChange to obtain a quote for converting their license to Commercial Licensing. For any reason (such as budget, project length, etc.), Hypothetical University also decides to extend their license to August 31st, 2015. SeaChange staff will calculate the fee required for Conversion and Extension as follows:

  1. Three hundred and four (304) days remain in the Academic License
  2. New, Commercial License will be valid through 8/31/2015, so 62 days have been added to the remaining term for a total of (365 + 62) or 427 days
  3. New license fee = [(427/365) * $34,900)] or $40,828.22
  4. Credit for unelapsed license fee paid [(304/365) * $11,900)] equals $9,911.23
  5. Final price = ($40,828.22 minus $9,911.23) = $30,916.99